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brazilian hair ukSpecific Packers Pvt. Ltd is a Mumbai based organization offering National & International customized solutions for your packing requirements throughout the world. Specific Packers Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted name in the field of Packing of Industrial Goods & Machinery since the past 25 years. We are committed to fast and efficient service along with providing quality products. We are one of the leading packaging companies, which offer a single point of access to a full range of packaging solutions.

At Specific Packers Pvt. Ltd, we can pack your goods or machinery at your site or at our own premises. Our teams of experienced professionals provide you with a fast, efficient and reliable service. Our team understands your preferred requirements thus ensuring you to be self-assured that your item/goods/machinery would be packed and braced safely and securely. The packing procedure is described more briefly.

At Specific Packers Pvt. Ltd we can offer our wealth of experience in the field of industrial packaging and exemplify this with our 1st class reputation. We have always ensured that the products manufactured by us are of the highest quality. We also guarantee our clients superior service.

Our unique qualities as a packaging firm are: -
Fast, effective, reliable and efficient service
Excellent quality of products and services
We package your Goods/Machinery at your own premises thus reducing your transportation costs.
We provide export cases for National and International destinations with a brilliant track record of exporting Goods & Machinery of our clients.