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Specific Packers Pvt. Ltd. is a well-recognised firm in the Packing Business since the past 25 years. . We use good quality Wood depending on the requirement, weight, dimensions and duration. We use chemically treated Pinewood, Rubber wood, ‘Devdhar’ and ‘Fanas’. We specialise in Wooden Pallets, Wooden Crates, Wooden Boxes and Wooden Saddles.

Wooden Pallets: -

We are one of the leading manufacturers of wooden pallets in Mumbai. Wooden pallets solve the purpose of moving heavy stacks and are used world wide for transportation and stacking.

Wooden Crates: -

We use the finest quality wood to manufacture wooden crates that are often used for transportation and even storage. These wooden crates are designed specifically depending on the machine’s dimension, weight and durability. We use 3 different types of designs for crates – open, closed and framed.

Wooden Cases: -

The quality of wood we use to manufacture wooden box not only ensures the durability of the case but also the stability of the Machinery whilst in transportation. The wooden supports and padding guarantee that the machinery remains intact. The wooden cases can be both bolted or nailed depending on the buyer specification.

Wooden Saddles: -

We also specialise in manufacturing wooden saddles that are used for the transportation of storage vessels. They are cost effective as they can be used a multiple times rendered by the design. We use a solid quality wood for these as the weight and compression is high.

Plywood Boxes: -

The plywood packing boxes are usually used for the packing of goods/machinery that are going to be transported by Air. We offer a wide range of designs in plywood boxes, which can be used for the safe storage, and transport of you items.

Aluminium foil packing: -

This is commonly known as ‘vacuum packaging’. Aluminium foils help in maintaining low humidity levels. Aluminium foil acts as a complete barrier to light and oxygen. It serves as a great packaging option for moisture sensitive items, which are wrapped around, with aluminium foil available according to the dimensions of the item. All the air is pulled out of the item and the aluminium foil is sealed thus ensuring no moisture is left behind. The packed machine can then be placed in to a wooden box.

Chemical Treatment: -

What is chemically treated wood? This process involves the impregnating of wood with various chemicals to protect it from bio deterioration and to delay combustion. This process also protects the wood against wood thriving insects.

VCI Rustopaper&Rustopowder Packaging: -

VCI is the abbreviated form for Vapour Corrosion Inhibitors. VCI paper is used in packaging as it protects both ferrous and non-ferrous metals from corrosion. This is preferably appropriate for wrapping and sealing machinery. VCI Rustopowder also provides rust hindrance by absorbing the moisture.

  • Keeps the packed items intact and brand new until they reach the destination
  • It prevents moisture and other corrosive particles from entering the machinery
  • Doesn’t not contain heavy chemicals

Fumigation: -

Wood Fumigation is a mandatory requirement for all wooden goods being transported from all the 3rd world countries.‘ISPM 15’ standardized fumigation is obligatory for countries like Australia, Japan, USA, China and European countries. The wood has to be fumigated with Methyl Bromide and we provide a fumigation certificate along with the fumigation details.

Heat Treatment: -

Heat treatment is also complies with the ISPM 15 norms. It is quicker and an eco-friendlier version as compared to fumigation. The wooden material is placed into a chamber where the temperature of the wood is raised to 50 degrees to 56 degrees. It is more effective than fumigation because it reduces the moisture content in the wood. It is more of a hassle free procedure.