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Blue Plastic

It solves the purpose of water proofing the wooden box/crate especially the one being sent via sea. It is used in the export jobs.

White Plastic

The Machinery/Good is wrapped in this type of plastic to avoid any kind of minor physical scathes in case of rough weather whilst it's being transported. It further serves the purpose of water proofing as well and helps in keeping the moisture away.


Thermocol sheets serve as a cushion for the goods/machinery. They are normally used for fragile items such as glass and hard items as well. They are lightweight and also available in various thicknesses and dimensions.

Bubble Wrap

It is very durable and lightweight packing material used to wrap the items. Bubble wrap absorbs shock, which keeps the fragile items safe. Since it is lightweight it reduces shipping costs.


This is used in local packaging around India. Its thickness keeps the item weather proof and protects the Goods/Machinery being transported by road.

Corrugated Paper

This is preferably apt for the packaging of fragile items. It serves as one of the best damage free packing materials. It is flexible and the item can be packed intact and taped up before it’s placed in the wooden Box/Crate.

Aluminium Foil

This is commonly known as ‘vacuum packaging’. Aluminium foils help in maintaining low humidity levels. Aluminium foil acts as a complete barrier to light and oxygen.


Packaging foam is used for protection against shock, vibration, shipping and storage. It can be cut into different shapes and dimensions as per requirement. Foam is also used to cover the wooden supports to prevent and damages to the machinery/good inside the wooden Box/Crate.


It is basically the strips and belts used for binding the machinery/good to ensure it remains intact in the wooden box, crate or pallet. It proves as a better substitute to wooden supports and padding.