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This is the first stage post your inquiry. Our team of experts will visit the site and get the dimensions of the Machinery/Goods, which need to be packed. During whilst they will also determine the weight of the content and the areas where the weight is going to be maximum. They will advice you the wood to be used, the thickness of the planks required and also the type of box required; crate or a full wooden box.


This is where we determine the costs of the wood, packing material, labour, delivery charges & crane charges (if required).


Once the Purchase Order is received the manufacturing process begins. This process begins with the cutting of the wood, which evidently depends on the outer dimensions of the machinery/Goods calculated according to the thickness of the wood used. This stage also includes normal regulatory requirements such as Arrow marks, Weather Proof Marks, Fragile marks and other shipping markings.


Once your box is ready, it is transported along with a team of packers to the site. Once the Machinery/ Good is lifted and put up on the wooden base the nailing procedure begins. All the four sides are securely nailed followed by the top. The experienced team of packers makes sure that the machine/good inside the box is secure and immovable by using ample amount of supports and padding.